Adaptions and Aids

Adaptions and Aids page hopes to make peoples everyday lives easier with cheap and easy solutions. These solutions can help with driving, sitting, bathing and to make it easier to reach items. If you have an adaption that you find useful please submit it.

There are many things which can make day to day living easier. Sometimes these are major specially constricted or adapted items like an adapted car but often imaginative use of something inexpensive and readily available can make all the difference.

Please feel free to share your tips so that we can learn from one and other.

Let us know about that handy little thing you use everyday and would be lost without or of any other companies that offer specially adapted equipment. E-mail the details to so we can add them to our list.

PL Mobility

PL Mobility provide an extensive range of adaptations you might need for your car including: 

  • Hand Controls
  • Steering Wheel Balls
  • Secondary Controls
  • Twin Flip Accelerators
  • Hand Electronic Accelerators
  • Swivel Seats
  • Roof Mounted Wheelchair Hoists
  • Easy Release Handbrake Devices
  • Pedal Extensions with False Floor
  • Boot Hoists
  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles


Contact - Paul Lough

PL Mobility Ltd.
Unit G
Lochlands Industrial Estate

Sales/Service: 01324 562240
Mobile: 07977921831


Fenland Furniture

Fenland Furniture provides made to measure chairs and desks, which can be obtained through your local Occupational Therapist.


Fenland Furniture
Benwick Road

Phone: 01733 204590.



Lakeland sell a folding step stool which is light and portable enough to take anywhere.

Nijland Products

Nijland Products are a Dutch company specialising in the production of specially adapted bicycles and tricycles; many of their products are suitable for people of short stature.

Glide Bikes

Glide Bikes Make a range of bikes primarily designed to teach balance which may be useful to those who have find a standard bicycle difficult.

Ideal Fit

Ideal Fit Offer a range of made to measure clothing as well as an alteration service.