News will be updated very often with news of upcoming events, AGMs, news about the charity and also how Short Stature Scotland is carrying out business. 


New Year Event 2016

The New Year event was a huge success. Everyone that joined us had a great time and we brought in 2017 with a piper, which was a great surprise for everyone. Thanks to everyone that helped organise this event and a special thanks to all the people who donated a raffle prize.

Team SSS are looking forward to the year ahead in 2017 and hope it will be as successful as 2016






21st December 2016- AGM

We held our annual AGM today, we were able to share our years accounts up until March 2016 and we spoke about many of the successes and what we had achieved through out the year including the school visits, shopping centre visits and events at Lochter and Glasgow Science centre.

We elected our new Committee on 2017 and we are pleased to say Marie, Darren, Veronique, Melanie, Paige and Sean will all remain on the committee with the welcome addition of Louise Watson who will be joining this year! We are delighted to have you join us Louise!

There will be a couple of changes with Darren stepping down from treasurer but he will remain on the committee, with Paige moving to be secretary and Marie now treasurer. Sean has been re-elected as chairman. On behalf of SSS, we would like to thank Darren for his hard work and he will continue to be a valuable member of Team SSS.


28th October 2016- School Visits

We have visited 2 more schools, yesterday and today, which were Bonnyrigg primary and Parsons Green Primary school. We think over the past few days we have spoke to around 800 children. Our talks have been very well received with some great questions asked (Some that made us think). We have really enjoyed the visits and look forward to future visits.




26th October 2016- School Visits

We visited 3 schools today to deliver some more educational talks. We were welcomed by the Staff and Children at Garscadden Primary, Knightswood Primary and Loch Primary School. We spoke to about 250 Children from Primary 1-3 classes and explained how we are all different in many ways.

We had a great day!






13th August 2016- LUSS

Our members had a brilliant day at Luss yestterday, we went on a speed boat and had a picnic by the beach.


30th July 2016- First AID

Some of our members took part in a first aid course over this weekend. They were taught the basic knowledges of first aid including CPR, Recovery position and how to treat people with burns and broken bones. There was an exam at the end of the course which all members passed and now hold a first aid qualification.



16th July 2016- Shopping centre awareness talks

SSS have been visiting shopping centres across Scotland to raise awareness and speak to the public about SSS, our conditions and the prejudice we sometimes face in society. So far we have visited Almondvale Shopping Centre, Livingston and Howgate Shopping Centre, Falkirk. Both visits have been a great success many shoppers have been interested in our charity and about dwarfism from a personal and medical aspect. We plan to visit many more shopping centres, if you have a suggestion on a centre to visit please let us know.


16th may 2016- Gavinburn primary school

Another great school talk at Gavinburn primary school, we were welcomed by the staff and children who asked more interesting questions and understood that everyone in society is different in some way.


3rd May 2016- Kilbowie Primary School

Another successful school visit today, Alana and Paige visited Kilbowie primary school in Clydebank. We were welcomed by the children and had an interesting chat with their P2's. We had the funniest and innocent comment so far today.when the teacher asked the class what they had learned and how not to treat someone because they are different, a little boy replied "you do not push them down a hill". We are enjoying raising awareness and teaching the children about how we are all different in some way and that is what makes us unique.



11th march 2016- Knightswood primary school

Alana, Paige and Frankie visited Knightswood Primary school to give an awareness talk about dwarfism to thier primary 2 pupils. The school was very welcoming and the children were very interested and had lots of questions to ask. Ths was a very successful visit for out first SSS awareness talk. We would like to thsnk the school for having us and making us feel welcome.


10th March 2016 - School Awareness Talk

It was discussed and agreed at a recent committee meeting that we would like to highlight the profile of SSS. We decided by making contact with primary schools initially in the Glasgow Area would be a great start then hopefully progressing onto secondary schools. Our aim is to give positive talks and raising awareness on our day to day life living with having short stature.

If anyone would like our members to visit yours or your childs school, please don't hesitate to contact us.


24th October 2015 - AGM

Short Stature Scotland had our annual AGM in the Campanile Hotel, Glasgow. This was well attended with all of our members wearing Green to support Dwarfism Awareness Day which was the following day on the 25th. During the AGM we recapped the years events and also our accounts. It is with sad news that four of our committee members stepped down from their roles this year all with their reasons. Richard Copeland our Chairperson has stepped down to pursue his uni life, we wish him luck with this. Ruth, Roy and Kenny are the 3 other committee members who stepped down this year, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each of them for all their effort and hard work over the year.

I would now like to introduce the new members of 2015/16

Chairperson - Sean Reid

Vice Chair - Paige Stevenson

Treasurer - Darren Millan

Secretary - Marie Ramsay

Committee Members - Alana Campbell, Francesco Bonzio, Veronique Walraven and Melanie Stevenson


19th June 2015 - Biomarin

This is a statement from RGA, LPUK, LPI, DSA, SSS:

"The associations for Little People in the UK and Ireland understand that there will always be research and new technologies developed to promote physical growth in people with dwarfism. We respect and understand that it is about individual choice. However, we emphatically encourage our members to consider that any possible long term physiological and psychological effects of such treatments, have not yet been identified and will be unknown for years to come.

We are also concerned with the negative language used within this report: 

Which does not reflect the views of little people within the UK and Ireland correctly. Thus, we would like to emphasise that people with dwarfism can and do lead fulfilled, happy, healthy, engaging and productive lives without pharmaceutical intervention"

2nd March 2015 - Hampden Sports day

Hampden sports days have been a great success since the start and this one was no different. It was also one of our busiest which was also great to see. This day comprised of some rugby training to tie in with the 6 Nations tournament being held at the moment, the other event was an obstacle course which got some hearts racing. There are 2 more Hampden sports days left, 14th March and the 28th March. Hopefully see you all at the next event!

23rd February 2015 - Online Membership Form

Exciting news!

Becoming a member of Short Stature Scotland has became even easier!
There is now an online membership form which can be filled out here

Methods of payment can be found on the membership page of our website.

Thank you!

18th February 2015 - AGM 2015

On behalf of Short Stature Scotland, I would like to say that the AGM which took place on 7th February 2015 was very successful with a great turn out by members. During the AGM we recapped the years events and also our accounts. It is with also sad news that two of our long term committee members stepped down their roles. Jackie Millan has been a fantastic chairperson over the past 7 years and will be greatly missed and will be hard to replicate. Maureen Copeland also stepped down as secretary. She has been a fantastic asset for the committee and has helped in the application process for past lottery grants. I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Jackie and Maureen and wish them the best!

It is now time to introduce the new committee members of Short Stature Scotland for the next year. This is one of the largest committees we have had for a number of years and is looking to be a very exciting 2015 with many great ideas to be explored

Chairperson - Richard Copeland

Treasurer - Darren Millan

Secretary - Ruth Hunt

Youth committee member - Paige Stevenson

Committee members - Alana Campbell, Roy Cargill, Kenny Davidson and Melanie Stevenson


13th January 2015


Happy New Year from Short Stature Scotland

We would like to warmly invite you to our AGM at the Campanile Hotel on Saturday 7th February at 12.00 pm. 

This is going to be a very important meeting to go over all the events etc. and to show you where all your valuable contributions and grants were spent on.

All documentation will be sent to members via e-mail shortly.

To the non-members of SSS, we would like you to come along. This will be a great opportunity for you to meet us and see the valuable work that Short Stature Scotland has carried out for the people of Scotland. Unfortunately, there will be a small charge for non-members for food because we have to value our funds. 

We would really appreciate your support on the day! 

Take care and hope to see you on the 7th! 


29th May 2014

Recently as part of the upcoming Glasgow Commonwealth Games, a sports drive to get different communities involved with sport has been initiated. As part of this Short Stature Scotland has became involved and will be holding sporting events at Hampden Park each month for the next year (excluding June-August due to the games). 

The sports events will include using the facilities at Hampden Park such as the gym, hydrotherapy pool, astroturf pitch. There will be physios at each event to offer help on certain exercises and to ask about general problems. 

All of these events are fully subsidised by a lottery grant.

24th November 2013

Paige, our youth coordinator, has a great article in todays "Mail on Sunday". It is a great read and gives a great insight with people of short stature. If you would like to read the article it is on their website.

Article on "Mail on Sunday"


20th October 2013

So Short Stature Scotlands Website got a shout out from Vlogger, David Di France in the United States. As it is Dwarfism Awareness Month, It was decided to email a few Youtubers to try and get our name out there. You can see the video below, from 5.20 minutes onwards. The site has received a 500 hits in the past few days from this shout out. Feel free to contact bloggers/vloggers to let them know about Short Stature Scotland and dwarfism in general to spread the awareness.


26th September 2013

There have been 3 new stories added to the stories section. These stories give some excellent advice and make some interesting reads. So please check them out if you get the chance.

Living with Short Stature - Paige Stevenson

My Life Story - Richard Copeland

Coming to terms with and taking ownership of the "D" word - Graham Copeland

My Story - Eoghann 


14th September 2013

Today is the day that the new "Short Stature Scotland" website goes live. It has taken a few weeks of hard work to get to this stage and we will carry on to improve this website with content every week. We hope that everyone enjoys the new website and finds it easy to find out news and information.



29th August 2013

In June of this year, Short Stature Scotland received a grant for £1900 from LLoyds TSB Foundation for Scotland, one of the leading grant-giving trusts in the country. This grant will be used to maintain the website and a contribution to quarterly events. 

Lloyds TSB Foundation.jpg

21st August 2013


Today we had a successful meeting with the Equalities Commission and 2 members of Police Scotland. The meeting discussed the public using camera phones to film/photograph people of short stature. The police hadn't received any complaints that they knew of about this problem and hence did not know the problem existed. 

To be able to carry on and increase the polices awareness of the problem, they have told us to fill in the Hate Crime Form on their website to record any events that happen, with these reports they will see the problem and hopefully be able to help in the future. The police do NOT get involved, it is just to catalogue the incident. It is really important that we do this to be able to make a change, so please report it.