This page of our website is dedicated to all the new parents who have just had a new baby born with a condition that causes short stature. Short Stature Scotland understands the emotions this can bring to the parents and the rest of the family. We have 4 Parent Contacts within S.S.S. who understand what you are going through. They have also written some short stories to share with you, which we hope will help in some way.

Each Parent Contact has an e-mail address for you to contact them. They are spread throughout Scotland; so hopefully, you will find a parent who lives close by for that extra support.

You will also find articles on our website from members who live with conditions that cause short stature, who live a normal life with a little adaptation. 

Gail Patterson, South Scotland - Story                              Email Gail                                                                   

Leanne Campbell, East Scotland - Story                           Email Leanne

Veronique Walraven, Highlands - Story                            Email Veronique

David Abbott, North East Scotland                                   Email David