AGM February 2015


AGM February 2015

On behalf of Short Stature Scotland, I would like to say that the AGM which took place on 7th February 2015 was very successful with a great turn out by members. During the AGM we recapped the years events and also our accounts. It is with also sad news that two of our long-term committee members stepped down their roles. Jackie Millan has been a fantastic chairperson over the past 7 years and will be greatly missed and will be hard to replicate. Maureen Copeland also stepped down as secretary. She has been a fantastic asset for the committee and has helped in the application process for past lottery grants. I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Jackie and Maureen and wish them the best!

It is now time to introduce the new committee members of Short Stature Scotland for the next year. This is one of the largest committees we have had for a number of years and is looking to be a very exciting 2015 with many great ideas to be explored

Chairperson – Richard Copeland

Treasurer – Darren Millan

Secretary – Ruth Hunt

Youth committee member – Paige Stevenson

Committee members – Alana Campbell, Roy Cargill, Kenny Davidson and Melanie Stevenson