Short Stature Scotland

Gail’s Story

We are the Patterson’s – there is myself, Gail, my husband Stephen and our 2 daughters, Summer who is 3 and Makenna who is 1

Our daughter Makenna has Achondroplasia this was picked up during a routine growth scan when I was 36 weeks pregnant the doctor advised us that the bones in Makenna’s limbs weren’t as long as they should be.  We were referred to a specialist in Southern General Hospital who scanned me further and confirmed the diagnosis.  We didn’t know how to feel or what to do we didn’t know what to expect.  When the doctor spoke to us my main concern was finding out what this condition was when she said (dwarfism)  I cried not because my daughter would be small but I was scared in case she had any other problems like heart or brain defects I was scared as I didn’t know what to expect.

We came home and told our families our news.  They were all so supportive and so excited to meet our new addition.  At 38 weeks Makenna was delivered via c-section she arrived at 9.57 am but went straight into SCBU I was so anxious I wanted to see what she looked like and was scared for her health.  Eventually, the nurse took us to meet our beautiful baby girl she was the double of her older sister with a huge mop of black hair she was just gorgeous.  We got home 2 days later and settled in.

The first couple of months with Makenna were a nightmare she cried constantly wouldn’t feed wouldn’t settle she was really hard work I felt like I was doing everything wrong we had loads of hospital appointments and then finally Makenna settled in.

Makenna is now 1 year old. She can’t do the things that an average 1 year old can do but she will in her own time with support and encouragement – she is amazing.  Makenna is the happiest little girl I have ever seen.  She copes with her day to day struggles with a huge smile on her face and has an amazing character. She attracts attention no matter where she goes.  We have an amazing little girl that we are so proud of.

I am also thankful for the friends that I have met on the support groups without these people at times I would have been lost. It is nice to know there is support out there.

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