Short Stature Scotland

Leanne’s Story

Hi my name is Leanne and I live in East Lothian with my husband and 3 children.

My youngest child, Drew was diagnosed with Achondroplasia when he was born. I remember the fear and uncertainty we felt as we had never come across anyone with short stature before and going home with a lot of unanswered questions. The first few weeks were the hardest, we were left feeling alone and very unsure our first hospital appointment, which was a couple of months away. When Drew was 8 weeks old, I was introduced to a wonderful lady who had a teenage daughter with the same condition as Drew and the relief of not being alone was overwhelming. She helped me to realise how we were feeling was understandable and that we were now with friends.

When Drew was nearly 2, we plucked up the courage to join Short Stature Scotland and went to our first event which was at Easter. I can remember feeling really nervous driving to the hall with my husband and 3 kids, but once we walked through that door we were met with such a warm welcome.

Drew is now 4 years old and keeps us all on our toes. The journey hasn’t always been easy – we have our ups and downs like everyone else in life. The difference now is that we have friends, a lot of support and advice when needed and as a family, we have become a lot closer. We don’t treat Drew any differently to our older 2 children. We had to be careful with Drew’s back when he was younger, but as he has gotten older he is your typical active 4 year old, who enjoys playing outdoors with his older brother and sister.

We have a few adaptions at home to aid Drew with his independence, such as a lower bannister on the stairs, a lower sink in the wet room and specially made steps, so Drew can reach the toilet safely. Drew is a very confident and independent boy who very much likes to find his own way of doing things.

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