Living with Short Stature – Paige Stevenson

Paige - Story


Paige Stevenson

Hi. I’m Paige and I am 18 years old. I am of short stature; however, my condition is undiagnosed.

Living with short stature has its difficulties just like everyone’s life, as nobody’s life is perfect. Going to school was nerve-racking for my Mum and Dad just like any child starting school; however, I just went, laughed, and played like everyone else. Throughout my school years, I have made so many friends and I have been treated just like everyone else. My friends all describe me as outgoing and confident. I do not let my height get in my way.

I have a warm and bubbly personality, which shows that no matter what height you are, you are no different from anyone else. Living with short stature does have its downs at times, dealing with unwelcome glances and comments from the public. This can be frustrating at times, but with family support and maturity over the years, you just learn to ignore it or try to educate people to make them more aware of short stature.

In July 2010, I went on a month’s long journey to Borneo where I travelled across the island. During my journey I stayed in the rainforest, hotels and slept in hammocks, I also visited the Orang-utan centres saw turtle islands and met the British High Commissioner. I have done this as part of a group of 32 and without my immediate family travelling with me. I overcome any obstacles thrown at me with sheer determination.

Being a member of Short Stature Scotland has helped me to gain confidence and meet new friends. Socialising regularly with them has made me new friends for life. I am also the teenage contact member, which means if any new teenage members have any questions, then they can contact me. We occasionally go out together to the cinema, for dinner or go bowling. Last year, two members and I went to Dallas Texas to attend a national conference with Little People of America. I was very excited about this, as it gave me a chance to meet new people with short stature.

Finally, I would like to say that although living with short stature can be difficult at times, you just learn to lead a normal life and inspire people on the way.

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